The encryption coprocessor for an unlocked ecosystem of DeFi, Gaming, and AI applications.

Available to every block.


Making programmable encryption available to users in all blockchains, not isolated to privacy-specific L1s.
Galileo, Robot Ventures, Lemniscap, Dialectic, GSR, Chorus One, Celestia, Arbitrum, Anagram, Axelar, Dora Ventures, Informal Systems, Reverie, Cosmos Hub
Zaki Manian, Tarun Chitra, Calvin Liu, George Lambeth, Waikit Lau, Leland Lee, Richard Malone, Xavier Meegan, Stefan Coolican, Collin Myers, Batu, Ryan Fang

News from the Fairblock ecosystem

Great chatting with @GuyZys from @FhenixIO, @ravitals from @SunscreenTech, and @0xbyyou from @Fair_Block today about the State of Privacy in the Transaction Supply Chain. Guy and Ravital both betting on 1-2 years for FHE to be reliably available on-chain. Ambitious - I love it.


Panel discussion at MEV Research Day, "State of Privacy in the Transaction Supply Chain" featured our Co-Founder @GuyZys of @FhenixIO, @ravitals of @SunscreenTech, and @0xbyyou of @Fair_Block, moderated by @maccanomics.


Privacy only works if it's not a luxury with extra onboarding and costs, it should be: a. Incentive Aligned: helps to not leak trading info/strat/intent that will cost $, in private voting, betting games b. Available: users need it in their frontends and popular ecosystems

Smart Economy Podcast
Smart Economy Podcast

🔁 ICYMI: @Pememoni of @Fair_Block explores the vital role of privacy in decentralized systems. From enhancing security to aligning with user incentives, it's a crucial topic in the crypto space. Missed it? Dive in now! 🚀 #smarteconomypodcast